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SEPTEMBER 28 - 29 - 30, 2020

Biography Juan MANTILLA

Design Director


KIKO cosmetics

Juan MANTILLA, Head of Design, KIKO Cosmetics
I have been obsessed with packaging since 2004, when I was working at Landor Milan doing only corporate design projects, and by that time the creative director gave me a design project for FERRARI, it was about designing all the packaging guidelines for the cars collector’s items. I was totally amazed about the freedom and spaced out canvas the packaging could be for a creative.
Coming from pioneer digital creative agencies in Spain like WYSIWYG and Icon Medialab, it was a pleasure to go back to the world of printed materials doing mostly packaging.
Since then, all the clients and projects I had the opportunity to work with, mostly had to do with packaging. Food and accessories packaging for a while, and then in 2009 I joined as senior art director a small design firm in Milan, designing optical packaging and sun glasses displays, plus fragrances packaging and displays mostly for Safilo, Luxottica and Mavive licensed brands. The blurry line between cosmetics, skin care and fragrances design was what made took the challenge to join KIKO on the late 2010.
To me, the packaging is a compendium of interactivity and usability mixed with the best of graphic design and print. It is both form and function. It drives sales and drives the brand to a level people recognise as a premium level even if the brand is an affordable brand, the packaging drives also the quality of the products inside on the outside. Getting to the right level of execution in packaging, was a difficult learning curve. An extra level of details from food to cosmetics and from interactive design can make the difference. The tactile dimension and the paper touch dimension it is something you do not have yet on the digital realm (unless in very advanced VR), but you do have it in premium products packaging since always.