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SEPT 30, OCT 1-2, 2019

Biography Stéphane TRUCHI

Stéphane TRUCHI
Stéphane TRUCHI,
President IFOP


With a wide experience of both qualitative and quantitative research, Stephane Truchi has successively occupied the position of Associate Director of Insight (1983-1991), Managing Director of Louis Harris (1991-2000) then Managing Director of Ipsos France. He joined Ifop in January 2008 as Chairman of the Board.


He has developed true insight into trends in society and consumption and their reflection in marketing. He has initiated numerous research studies on consumption in emerging countries (Brazil, China, India, Russia); trend setters and targets with potentially strong consumer potential such as the HNWI.

He has acquired notable expertise in the Luxury sector and has been President of the Adetem Club Luxe since 2008. He is furthermore a recurrent speaker for french and international conferences, and many marketing and luxury press publications.