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SEPTEMBER 28 - 29 - 30, 2020

Biography Abdullah AJMAL

Abdullah AJMAL
Abdullah AJMAL,
Deputy Chief Operating Officer



Abdulla Ajmal holds the distinction of being the first of the 3rd generation to join the family business.


Having served the business in various aspects, Abdulla has worked his way up and at present holds the post of Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Ajmal Perfumes.  His core responsibilities include managing the company and the strategic planning for expansion of the business in terms of both retail and distribution.


Born in Mumbai – India, Abdulla moved with his family to the United Arab Emirates in 1988. The quest for higher education saw Abdulla move to the United Kingdom where he completed his Bachelors in Marketing and subsequently a MBA with specialization in International Relations.


Having gained valuable work experience in the United Kingdom, Abdulla returned to Dubai where he further developed the French aligned fragrance line within Ajmal Perfumes and succeeded to diversify Ajmal’s clientele through an effective brand-positioning strategy. His mission is to introduce Ajmal Perfumes to more countries in the region and worldwide and to create a broader range of products for Ajmal Perfumes to evolve into a lifestyle brand.


Abdulla’s vision is to take Ajmal on a global expansion path and to make it a true international luxury fragrance powerhouse. As part of Abdulla’s vision, Ajmal also distributes outside the GCC in several parts of the world including Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and several parts of Africa and Europe.


With a number of accolades under his belt, Abdulla Ajmal is a media savvy personality. From being featured in the Arabian Business list of “100 Most Powerful Indians in the Gulf” for his work in helping build a modest family run business into a multi-million-dollar corporate entity, to being nominated for the Asian Rising Star of the Year, being voted in the top 100 Indian business list by Forbes Middle East, to mention a few.


Abdulla is a man on a MISSION. He is grounded in his approach & is currently persevering expansion on two fronts. Firstly, geographic expansion & he is in pursuit of rapidly increasing the geographical outreach & penetration of Ajmal Perfumes into USA, Europe, Far East & most importantly India.

Two, Abdulla’s vision is to make Ajmal Perfumes an Omni Channel company. He has been working assiduously with his strategy teams to integrate “Brick – Retail with Click-commerce & ensure seamless integration with a well-defined CRM.


Abdulla’s top priority is INNOVATION across channel, product & service & he is assessing the opportunities to leverage the company potential for delivery across immediate adjacencies beyond the core nucleus of Perfumes.