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SEPT 30, OCT 1-2, 2019

Biography Marcin RATAJCZAK

CEO and Founder



Marcin is Founder and CEO of INURU and works on ultra low cost displays that are so thin and cheap that they can be applied everywhere - for example on packaging. These displays will change the way how we attain information about our products, how we use products and also the way of marketing products. His part in INURU is the whole product and company development.

INURU won numerous awards amongst others the German Packaging Award 2017 for the first illuminated Coca Cola bottle label, the Founder Prize of the Sparkasse - a German Bank. Marcin was invited speaker at many events like re:publica Berlin, IWFPE South Korea; Carl Zeiss Innovation Days Germany, Humboldt University Germany and also contributed as an author in the Book "Die Neuro-Perspektive". Besides that he is engaged in INAM. His mission there is to help young scientist and people with ideas that need scientific infrastructure to get access easily.

Alltough being heavily involved into product and tech development he has no classic scientifical background. He finished his MBA in Berlin and studied some physics afterwards in out of passion. Before he INURU he worked as building cleaner. This occupation then became a family business with around 120 employees. The breakdown of the company after economic crisis caused him to consider technology as the future field of his life.