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SEPTEMBER 28 - 29 - 30, 2020

  • Conference
    from 09:30 am
    to 11:00 am


    Italian agencies and their brands present the result of 8 months of working together to create their most innovative communication solutions.

    Printing with a mix of technologies to communicate differently, using personalization, data variability and to link the physical pack to the digital world.


    In the presence of brands representatives from MERCEDES BENZ, CANTINA GULFI, JERI’S FARM, TWININGS

    • Moderated by Enrico BARBOGLIO - CEO - STRATEGO GROUP
    • Moderated by Valentina CARNEVALI - Brand Revolution LAB Project Manager - STRATEGO GROUP
  • Conference
    from 11:15 am
    to 12:00 pm


    E-commerce, big data, A.I. and endless emerging technologies are redefining consumers’ expectations and spending habits at every touchpoint of their journey.

    To stay relevant, a new (digital) mindset is needed.

    How can luxury goods brands create share-worthy experiences that resonate with the new ideals and values of the younger generations? What does experiential luxury mean in the new phygital context?

    From the digital pitfalls to best-in-class examples, this session will explore how brands can infuse experiential luxury in their products to engage their discerning consumers in new and innovative ways.The future of luxury is here.

    • Florine EPPE BEAULOYE - Founder & CEO - Luxe Digital
  • Conference
    from 12:30 pm
    to 01:00 pm


    L'emballage intelligent est aujourd'hui un axe de différenciation majeur pour les marques, tant dans la conquête de nouveaux clients, que dans leur fidélisation.

    De fait, le packaging connecté sort de sa fonction première de protection et de mise en avant en linéaire, pour devenir interactif. Interactif pour capter l'attention en magasin; interactif pour conseiller et informer les éventuels acquéreurs; interactif pour les inciter à acheter au travers d'offres personnalisées immédiates; interactif en collectant des données permettant aux marques de mieux connaître leurs clients et prospects.

    Dans ce contexte, la demande des marques est forte pour enrichir leurs packagings - étuis, boîtages et étiquettes - de telles fonctionnalités.

    • Victor ABERGEL - Vice-Président - MGI DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY
  • Workshop
    from 01:15 pm
    to 02:00 pm


    Le célèbre Frühstück matériO’, normalement réservé aux membres de matériO’ se délocalise et s’ouvre aux visiteurs de Luxe Pack, pour une édition spéciale « The most » ! Le temps d’une heure, l’équipe matériO vous présente ces dernières trouvailles, toutes plus extra-ordinaires les unes que les autres : Dans la continuité de l’espace proposé par matériO’, qui expose le temps du salon une sélection de matières poussée à leur paroxysme, vous êtes invités à approcher d’un peu plus près leurs performances étonnantes … !

    • Quentin HIRSINGER - CEO, matériO
    • Judith GOYAUD-SCHILTZ - Director - materiO
  • Conference
    from 02:15 pm
    to 03:15 pm


    Creating for the global marketplace. Generational, Sustainable, Inspirational.  Re-defining Beauty for an astute audience.

    Today, Global is more than a word.  It’s a touch point that gives us one voice.  A reason to create new visions, new products, new opportunities.

    Beauty may be the common denominator that gives us continuity. As designers and marketers, creating new products that inspire, captivate and amuse us elevates our joy of living and gives meaning to our existence.

    From Niche to Major, brands are innovating for a generational marketplace.

    Our Panel will explore how the three ‘P’s’ Product, Packaging and Promotion can take us there.

    • Moderated by Marc ROSEN - President - MARC ROSEN ASSOCIATES
    • Camille TENDREL - Global Product Director - BY KILIAN
    • Miranda GORDON - Vice President - MANE Marketing
    • Jeremy LINDLEY - Global Design Directo - DIAGEO
    • Elisabeth CARRE - President - ‘Nose About’ Paris
  • Conference
    from 03:30 pm
    to 04:15 pm

    Packaging innovation - What are brands expecting from their suppliers today?

    • Moderated by Diana VERDE NIETO - Founder and Director - POSITIVE LUXURY and BUTTERFLY MARK
    • Sandrine SOMMER - CSR & Sustainable Development Director - GUERLAIN
    • Anne ENGER - Packaging development and eco-design. - THE ABSOLUT COMPANY
    • Géraldine VALLEJO - Sustainability Programme Director - KERING GROUP
    • Olivier WENDEN - Executive Director - Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco
  • Conference
    from 04:15 pm
    to 05:00 pm

    Packaging Innovation -Is re-usable packaging the solution?

    • Moderated by Diana VERDE NIETO - Founder and Director - POSITIVE LUXURY and BUTTERFLY MARK
    • Sandrine NOEL - Senior Corporate Environment Manager - LOUIS VUITTON
    • Sarah VOWLES - Sustainability and Communications Specialist - IWC Schaffhausen
    • Uwe MELICHAR - Partner - European Brand and Packaging Design Association
  • Conference
    from 05:00 pm
    to 05:30 pm

    LUXE PACK in green Nominees Presentation

  • Conference
    05:30 pm