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SEPTEMBER 28 - 29 - 30, 2020


2019 program is currently available! 

  • Conference
    from 11:30 am
    to 12:15 pm

    LUXE PACK trends observer - 20 EMERGING TRENDS FOR THE 2020 CONSUMER

    How luxury brands need to be for the people of tomorrow…

    In an increasingly sophisticated consumer landscape, Food, beauty and packaging developments—not to mention startups and new retail models—are now addressing everything from consumer wellbeing to innovative solutions to eliminate waste on the planet.

    The 2020 consumer expects brands across industries to assume a more meaningful role by solving life and world issues. This session will examine consumer attitudes and highlight 20 major trends that are changing the way companies need to be for the people of tomorrow.

    • Emma CHIU - Global Director - The Innovation Group - JWT
  • Conference
    from 12:30 pm
    to 01:00 pm

    Energy-efficient container production for cosmetics

    Energy savings are not only a matter of profit, it is also a sustainable responsibility.

    Offering the world wide lowest energy consumption in injection blow molding, NOVAPAX developed possibilities to produce responsible.

    • Wolfgang Eihusen - CEO - NOVAPAX
  • Conference
    from 01:30 pm
    to 02:15 pm


    What digital and connected solutions exhibitors are proposing to brands of all sectors, to add new functionalities to packaging?


    In the presence of HEINZ, NXP, PARAGON and SPARFLEX.

    • Moderated by Jeb GLEASON ALLURED - Editor in Chief - GCI
  • Conference
    from 02:30 pm
    to 03:15 pm


    Everything we create should have beauty and logic. It should capture the imagination, pull you in as Art does through your eyes and feel valuable.


    This value is in the form and the material, but in a throwaway society where not only objects are discarded but also ideas and concepts we must understand the logic of longer term commitments to design; and with this the re-definition of sustainability.


    I will discuss this in conversation with Juan Mantilla, Head of Design of Kiko, showing 4 case studies across Perfume, Water, Champagne and Cosmetics within the context of the iconography of my work in Art, Design and Technology.

    • Ross LOVEGROVE - Designer - ROSS LOVEGROVE
    • Juan MANTILLA - Design Director - KIKO cosmetics
  • Conference
    from 03:30 pm
    to 04:00 pm


    • Joelle MARDINIAN - Celebrity & CEO - JOELLE GROUP
    • Moderated by Christine K. SCHOTT - President American Influencer Association & Co-founder The Beauty Influencers
  • Conference
    from 04:00 pm
    to 04:45 pm


    How is it impacting on the global consumer experience, and on the art of packaging?

    The Middle East is a fantastic market for great western perfumery brands of the luxury and the niche segments. Why ? Because it is a market of perfume addicts, of perfume lovers, and obviously of perfume traditions. But Middle East is also a region of strong local brands, of important local retailers. Who are these local players ? Why are they so special on the global scene ? They are inspiring the world on the fragrance side, but they are also building very specific standards on the consumer experience side, and more importantly, they are tracing very special needs in packaging.




    • Moderated by Elie PAPIERNIK - CEO - CENTDEGRES
    • Abdullah AJMAL - Deputy Chief Operating Officer - AJMAL PERFUMES
    • Patricia KHOURY - General Manager - Chalhoub group
    • Mohammed SHAKEEL UR RAHMAN - Private label Manager - BOUTIQAAT
    • Ian CROMPTON - Regional Director - FIRMENICH DUBAI
    • Gaëlle DORE - General Manager - CENTDEGRES DUBAI
  • Conference
    from 04:45 pm
    to 05:15 pm

    To be unique is out, being creative is the new me!TO BE UNIQUE IS OUT, BEING CREATIVE IS THE NEW ME!

    Personalisation, vector of appropriation.

    • Igor GADREAUD - Development Director - MIMAKI EUROPE
    • Thierry LIM - Commercial director - MIMAKI EUROPE