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SEPT 30, OCT 1 - 2, 2019

Green show


Organizing trade fairs is an ephemeral activity by definition and greedy in natural resources.

All LUXE PACK teams are mobilizing around the world to strive for an ever more eco-responsible activity while maintaining the quality of its events.



An event conceived in a permanent ecological concern

LUXE PACK Monaco (in partnership with the Grimaldi Forum) :

  • A building supplied with 100% green energy in 2019: 2 470m² of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof
  • Large format recycled PVC prints
  • Waste sorting and recycling: 16 selective sorting systems
  • Eco-certified cleaning products
  • 81% of low consumption lamps
  • An ISO 14001 certified site 2015
  • Badge holders kept for reuse


For more information on ecological initiatives of the Grimaldi Forum, you can watch the video:


Green show

LUXE PACK MONACO is placing sustainable development as a major focus of the show for more than 10 years. This year, assist to an entire session dedicated to this topic and discover committed brand exchanges involving manufacturers …


The sustainable development Session on Tuesday October 1st

Today more than ever, sustainable development is at the heart of the expectations and challenges of consumers and luxury brands. As every year, LUXE PACK MONACO dedicates a series of conferences and awards, rich in expert interventions and testimonials.


**2 round tables will include engaged actors, on the following themes:
- 3.30 - 4.15 pm: Packaging Innovation - What do brands currently expect from their suppliers?

Conference Room in Atrium Hall


This year’s panel of professionals includes:

· Sandrine SOMMERSustainable Development Director, GUERLAIN

· Anne ENGER, Eco-Design and Sustainability Business Manager, THE ABSOLUT COMPANY
· Géraldine VALLEJO, Sustainability Programme Director, KERING GROUP
· Olivier WENDENExecutive Director, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

- 4.15 - 5.00 pm: Packaging Innovation - Is re-usable packaging the solution?

Conference Room in Atrium Hall


This year’s panel of professionals includes:

· Sarah VOWLES, Senior Corporate Sustainability Manager, IWC Schaffhausen

· Sandrine NOEL, Environmental Director, LOUIS VUITTON

· Uwe MELICHAR, Chairman of European Brand and Packaging Design Association (EPDA)


These talks will be hosted by Diana VERDE NIETO,

Founder and Director of POSITIVE LUXURY and BUTTERFLY MARK.


Our conferences

LUXE PACK in green MONACO 2019  Nominees

Category 1: Packaging Solutions

• ESKA - Eska Jeans Cardboard - Booth N°RA06

Cardboard using jeans fibers and recycled paper fibers. 100% recyclable.100% biodegradable.

• ALBERTINI PACKAGING GROUP - Paper box set - Booth N°DB21 –

A paper box set made by using100% recycled fiber, vegetables-based inks and minimum glue. No leaflet inside the box, acting directly as an illustrative and informative leaflet.


Packaging  with only the essentials…

• ESTAL - REAL-CYCLED GLASS - Booth N°DB12        

Recycled glass close to 100% with essential shapes.


Category 2 : Responsible Initiatives

• EASTMAN – Activating our circular economy – Booth N°AA11

• HEINZ GLAS – Make it better day by day, with a 360° view – Booth N°RA26 – RB21

• ALTUS COATING – Project Bioflex: Flexography, dare to use biobased coatings – Booth N°DB16

• PRIMAL MANUFACTURING – Clean the sea by using ocean sourced plastic – Booth N°E24


Green show

Every year, the LUXE PACK in green Awards recognize the exhibitors’ best sustainable packaging innovations in the world and best responsible initiative.

5.00pm: Presentation of the nominees

5.30pm: LUXE PACK in green awards ceremony
Conferences room – Atrium Hall

This year’s panel of professionals includes:

Sandrine Noel, Louis Vuitton

Sandrine Sommer, Guerlain

Géraldine Vallejo, Kering

Anne Enger, The Absolut company

Olivier Wenden, Prince Allbert II of Monaco foundation

Uwe Melicar, EPDA

Luxe Pack in green