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1-2-3 Octobre 2018

Biographie HARRY ZHU

President & CEO MiLi


To sum up Harry and his global technology brand, MiLi, in three words it would be; “creator, never a copier”. For over 15 years, Mr. Zhu has pioneered the development of well-designed technology products and accessories that are used across the globe and cater to the likes of Apple and Rolls Royce. Harry's passion is to develop technology products that are proactive rather than reactive.

This drove Harry and the MiLi brand to a recent expansion with MiLi Smart Health - a range of cosmetic devices that combine software and hardware with App-connected technology. Harry is an expert at understanding how integrated Apps will elevate sales and retain loyal customers for beauty and cosmetic brands.  

Harry’s knack for understanding big data and enhancing product functionality makes him an engaging voice in the future of beauty packaging and connected technology.